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Amazon MP3 Review: A Review of The Amazon MP3 Downloads Store

Amazon MP3 Review - An MP3 music download service

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Amazon MP3 Review: A Review of The Amazon MP3 Downloads Store
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Amazon.com, Inc. is a well respected force in the online retail market, and so it was no surprise that it eventually entered the digital music download scene in 2007. Its digital music store, Amazon MP3, has upped the ante in the world of paid-for online music services by providing DRM-free content. Find out in this Amazon MP3 review if Amazon’s offering is an iTunes Store killer.


  • Songs come as DRM-free MP3s.
  • Over 4.5 million tracks.
  • Good value for money.


  • Service available to U.S customers only.
  • Amazon MP3 downloader software must be used for multiple song purchases.

Service Features

Digital Music Delivery:
Amazon MP3 operates an a la carte system enabling you to simply select the tracks you want and download them - just like the iTunes Store. If you are already an Amazon customer then you don’t need to subscribe, just login to your Amazon account to start using the service.

Pricing Structure:

  • $0.89-0.99 for single tracks.
  • $4.99 and under to $9.00+ for albums.

Website Content:
The choice of music that Amazon MP3 offers is nowhere near the 6 million plus that the iTunes Store boasts, but over 4.5 million songs is still very respectable. At the time of writing, there are 22 genres of music on offer that are logically listed on the homepage of the website. Alternatively, you can use the search facility and specifically find a song, album, or artist. From the drop-down search menu, it is also possible to search within a particular genre which makes tracking down music even easier.

Previewing Songs and Albums:
Before you purchase a song or album, the Amazon MP3 store lets you play a 30-second music clip via an embedded music player. The player has several useful functions such as the usual volume control, previous/next track, and play/pause buttons. One of the most useful features of Amazon's browser-based music player is the preview all button that takes the hassle out listening to multiple songs or even an album.

Purchasing Music:
The interface for purchasing music on Amazon MP3 is very similar to the other stores under Amazon.com. Although the design and layout can lead to confusion at times, the familiar orange 'buy' button is conveniently situated alongside each track or album; this makes a purchase very straightforward. Amazon MP3 also uses the '1-click' buy option that enables you to automatically use your stored credit card details to instantly buy in one step.


Amazon MP3 Downloader:
This is a small download manager that makes downloading multiple files easier to do. Once installed, the downloader software will run automatically every time you make a purchase from the Amazon MP3 store. The downside to Amazon’s software is if you want to purchase an album then you will have to install it to complete the transaction. This may put some consumers off who might find it annoying to have to install yet another piece of software on their computer.

Technical Details

Audio Formats:

Amazon MP3 Downloader Software:

Available for the following platforms:

  • Windows XP or Vista.
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
  • Linux - Debian 4 Etch, Fedora 8, Open SUSE 10.3, and Unbuntu 7.10 Gutsy.


Is it Right for You?
Amazon has stepped up to the plate and delivered an excellent service that is user-friendly, and more importantly, provides downloads that are highly compatible due to the unprotected MP3 format. Prices are very keen too, with single tracks available for as little as 89 cents and some albums available for under $4.99, this makes the Amazon MP3 store excellent value for money.

The only thing that might hold you back from using their music service is if you are heavily into music discovery or want other types of media. The iTunes Store for example has significantly more music and hosts movies, videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and even games. Even with these shortcomings, Amazon MP3 is a solid service that gives the more established digital music services a serious run for their money.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Plze Support TEMPBan of AmazonMP3 Frm ALL Markets!, Member AmazonMP3Hater

PLZ/Support/TEMPORARY/Ban/of/AmazonMP3--fromGooglePlay & all other Ap markets it is downloaded from! Folks! Lets all start demanding Google, etc, TEMPORARILY ban AmazonMP3 from their Ap markets till uninstall IS ALLOWED from pre-installed phones owned by unwilling user/victims! THAT WILL get Amazons attention, since obviously low ratings don't. PLS post UR OWN comment if u support uninstall option 4 APs preinstalled on phones & keep the protest going! BTW, Google is cooporating w/Amazon to censor & shut me up on Google Play, thats why I am over here, & elsewhere now. That's what big companies do, instead of FIXING their evil, they try to censor the people calling attention to it. But it NEVER works, they just shoot themselves in both feet when they try it. What I mean when I say they have tried to censor me is this: First, various obvious Amazon employees wrote 5 star reviews in which they belittled myself & the mass numbers of Sprint & Verizon etc customers who were complaining vociferously about Amazon MP3 being unremovable from OUR phones, due 2 money changing hands w/the carriers. Then when that failed to work, & the complaints got louder & more numerous, they (yesterday) changed the rankings to not show the newest comments on top anymor. From then on, only the highest ranking comments showed on top, & you had 2 select the new comments 2 even see them. Obviously the Amazon employees uprated all THEIR own & each others comments 2 the top rankings. I retaliated by asking folks to uprate the 1 Star comments and downrate the 5 stars, in order to put OUR comments on top again. Well, Google, under pressure from Amazon no doubt, changed things specifically for me tonight. As of a few ours ago, I can no longer see or change my own comment. So I can no longer re-upload it to the top of the new comments in order to fire up the angry 1 star troops as it were. So, they are leaving the angry 1 star ""Anti-AmazonMP3"" bloatware w/out their angry leader, lol. So I figure they think they have shut me up. Well, imagine their surprise when they wake up to THIS, on About.com. Like I said, please support the protest against pre-installed & unremovable smartphone bloatware. Where Amazon goes, so will many smaller bloatware writers. Even if you like MP3 itself, please support the ending of ""forced aps"" by greedy carriers who care more about the 30 pieces of silver they get for having the manucacturers lock certain aps onto (what is about to become) OUR phones!. Please help make an example of Amazon and others for their domineering and high handed censorious ways towards protesting users, who merely want bloatware free phones. As I have said elsewhere. we have a right to buy ANY phone we so desire WITH or WITHOUT unnecessary bloatware. If that raises the phone price a bit, so be it. For those who prefer bloatware & a few dollars lower price, so be that as well, they have that right as well. Thnx P.S. To the gee Sheeple & Amazon shills & employees on Google Play, who think we, the massed protestors on Google Play, shd just surrender 2 Amazon. AMAZON PAID THE CARRIERS 2 INSTALL THIS BLOATWARE AP! The REAL bottom line is its OUR phone-AMZN must FIND a way 2 remove AP! Now jusg TRY to censor me over HERE you knuckleheads! If you DO find a way, I will just start a BLOG next, & dedicate it to shutting down AmazonMP3!!

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