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How To Make Your Songs Play in Order: Sort Your MP3 Player's Songs Alphabetically


Sometimes, no matter how you configure your MP3 or media player, it simply refuses to play songs and albums in alphabetical order. Some flash card-based MP3 players and car stereo systems play tracks in the order in which they are stored on the device. If you want to play your albums and songs in alphabetical order, then using a utility such as MP3dirsorter (Windows)could be the answer.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: File Sorting Time - 5 minutes max.

Here's How:

  1. Downloading and Running MP3dirsorter

    To download the latest version of MP3dirsorter, you can download it from the MP3dirsorter blog site. Once you have downloaded it, the program doesn't need to be installed and so you can simply run it - this makes it useful as a portable application that you can store on removable devices such as USB drives etc.

  2. Sorting a Folder

    Make sure Windows can access the files on your flash storage card by inserting it into your card reader or plugging your device into a spare USB port. Once found by Windows, an extra drive letter should be displayed in Windows Explorer. Find a folder you want to sort and drag and drop its icon using your mouse over to MP3DirSorter main screen. If you want to alphabetically sort files as well as folders then click on the check box next to the Sort Files Alphabetically option. To sort the contents of entire drives, you can also drag them over to MP3DirSorter's main screen too.

  3. Checking The Playback Order

    Finally, to check that your albums and songs are in the correct order, play the contents of the flash storage card once again. You should now find that everything is played in alphabetical order.

What You Need

  • MP3DirSorter program
  • Digital audio files
  • Flash Storage card-based audio device
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